Leading experts in Java world

  • Fabien Leroy

    Fabien is Java EE engineer at Serli, a software engineering company based in France. He is currently working on a Serli contribution for GlassFish V4 : VMware plugin for virtualization support feature.

  • Jan van Tiggelen
    Jan van Tiggelen

    Senior Sales Consultant, Oracle Technology EMEA

    Jan van Tiggelen has been active in the Systems and Applications Management team since 2007. He’s a specialist for a the Oracle Database and Application stack of the Oracle Technology portfolio, among which Real Application Testing (RAT), Application Testing Suite (ATS), Real User Experience Insight (RUEI) and the Application Management and Configuration Management suites for Siebel, eBusiness Suite, Peoplesoft, JDEdwards. In this role, he works with Oracle’s representatives to offer a set of detailed knowledge skills. This enables organizations to map the right solutions to their challenges, while at the same time taking maximum benefits from current and emerging technologies.

    Since joining Oracle in 2007 via the acquisition of the ATS and RUEI products, Jan van Tiggelen has been a trusted advisor on the products represented by the SAM team. He’s one of the key knowledge owners for Real User Experience Insight and has worked with a huge customer community in the past few years to enhance existing and develop new business concepts using the innovative technologies offered by Oracle.

  • Falk Kukat
    Falk Kukat

    Technical Architect for Oracle

    Falk Kukat is active in the IT industry for over 15 years, architecting and implementing distributed and multi tier systems using CORBA, JEE and various SOA technologies. Falk has dealt with Java for the last 14 years, since when the version number started with a zero. Recently he is working as a Technical Architect for Oracle, helping customers across EMEA to plan and implement cloud environments and other large infrastructures.

  • Atanas Raykov

    Manager Mobile Products and Services, VIVACOM

    Atanas Raykov is one of the leading figures in the team behind the mobile service innovation at Bulgaria’s biggest telecom – VIVACOM. He has overseen the development and successful adopting of numerous services in the fields of mobile Internet, mobile payments, messaging, child security and VAS. His is currently focusing his efforts on ways to levarage the operator’s assets in order to build innovative and personalized services for end-customers.”

  • Kamen Vitanov

    Senior Software Architect, RIM

    Kamen is a Senior Software Architect in the platform architecture group at Research In Motion. Currently he is immersed into providing support for Android applications on the BlackBerry Platform. Since joining RIM in 2001, Kamen has been pushing the edges of the BlackBerry Development Platform by engineering and leading the development of mobile solutions providing connectivity with enterprise and Web 2.0 web services. He has been involved in a number of partner solutions that have been utilizing the BlackBerry Development Platform – SAP, TicketMaster, Facebook, and others. Before RIM, Kamen has been developing mobile applications as early as 1999.

    Kamen has been a technology explorer since early childhood – with his father regularly fixing the family’s TV set after Kamen’s applied experiments on it, and his mother sharing her bedroom with Kamen’s first computer lab.

    Since then he has been ever exploring new boundaries for providing the right technical leadership and architecture guidance that would change the world.

  • David Springall

    Co-founder, Yospace

    David co-founded Yospace in 1999 and has been its head of technology through the gradual evolution of the mobile applications industry. Yospace launched the first user-generated video service for mobile in 2005, SeeMeTV which became the first shared community across operators. Today, Yospace offers a n-screen video delivery solution for connected devices with in-stream personalised advertising insertion, which is used by major publishers and broadcasters around the globe including Thomson Reuters, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and the BBC.

  • Xen Lategan

    Chief Technology Officer, News International

    Xen is the CTO for News International in the UK. He runs the Digital Development and Operations across the various news titles – The Sun, The Times, The News of the World and the Sunday Times.

    Previously Xen was with Google where he ran the Enterprise Solution Engineering Lead for EMEA. His role involved overseeing the solutions engineering for all Google Enterprise applications including Google Search and Google Apps.

    Other companies Xen has worked for include Accenture and Microsoft. There his roles included managing large integration projects for global communication companies, and working as a technical specialist in the SOA and BPM space for Microsoft.

    His education background is in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics, being an alumnus of the University of Cape Town.

  • John M. Willis

    VP of DTO Solutions

    John has over three decades working in the IT trenches managing complex infrastructures. Prior to joining DTO Solutions, John was VP of Services at Opscode, makers of Chef and the Opscode Platform. John also founded Gulf Breeze Software, an award winning IBM business partner, which specializes in deploying Tivoli technology for the enterprise. John has trained more than 10,000 people on IBM Tivoli products around the world and is recognized as an industry expert in enterprise systems management and monitoring. John has authored six IBM Redbooks for IBM on enterprise systems management.

  • Juergen Hoeller

    Juergen Hoeller is co-founder of the Spring Framework project and Principal Engineer at SpringSource, a division of VMware, where he continues to lead the development of the core framework. Juergen is an experienced software architect and consultant with outstanding expertise in transaction management, O/R mapping technologies and enterprise messaging. Juergen is co-author of the bestselling book “Expert 1-on-1 J2EE Development without EJB” and regularly speaks at international technology conferences.

  • Andreas Jakl
    Andreas Jakl

    Andreas is a Senior Technical Consultant in the Nokia Developer Experience team. Based on his background of teaching mobile software development at a University, developing mobile games for his own company called Mopius and creating Augmented Reality apps for Siemens Mobile, he is now putting his passion into spreading the word about Qt and supporting developers with their efforts to bring their inventions to all Nokia users worldwide.

  • Staffan Noteberg

    Staffan Nöteberg is the author of the popular book Pomodoro Technique Illustrated – published in a half dozen languages. He spent the last decades as a freelance software developer, he’s an internationally acclaimed conference speaker, and he also helped several companies to start with agile and lean. He lives in Stockholm and Istanbul.

  • Adrian Cole

    Adrian founded the open source project jclouds in March 2009, following 15 years of production engineering and deployment automation in financial services, health care, hosting, and education contexts. He’s actively engaged in cloud interoperability and devops circles around the world, collaborating with cloud ISVs and service providers, and open source communities. Adrian joined as Chief Evangelist at Cloudsoft in August 2011.

  • Stefan Vladov

    Stefan Vladov is a Senior Software Engineer in OSGi platform team at Software AG. He took part in architecture and development of all aspects of the runtime, besides OSGi his responsibilities are in area of Software AG web services runtime.

  • Pavel Penchev

    Pavel Penchev is a Java software developer and architect at Fredhopper, the world-leading provider of search & targeting software for online retailers. Pavel has over 10 years experience developing numerous Java EE projects of various scale, most recently making heavy use of ElasticSearch in the cloud.

  • Ivo Penev

    Ivo Penev has twelve years professional experience in SW development in heterogenous environments using Java, C/C++ and others on different platforms.

    In the last two years, Ivo is helping IBM clients in Bulgaria in developing their business initiatives by designing software solution. As a Software IT Architect in IBM Bulgaria, Ivo is expert in the Rational portfolio in Requirements Definition & Management, Analysis & Design, Configuration and Change Management, Release and Quality Management, Project Management.

    Ivo Penev is Master of Science in Computer Science from Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”.

  • Igor Stoyanov

    Igor Stoyanov has extensive experience in software development delivering mission-critical and business transformational enterprise solutions in a wide range of industries including banking, insurance and trading using advanced software development practices. Igor is currently focused on cloud automation and orchestration as R&D Manager for VMware vCenter Orchestrator product.

  • Maya Ilieva

    Maya Ilieva has been working for VMware since the very beginning the company opened its office in Bulgaria in 2007. Two years ago she joined the VMware vCloud team and focused on developing the vCloud Rest API. She designed vCloud Rest API Query service that provided searching capabilities to the vCloud API and enabled the development of more efficient clients. Today Maya is working on the integration of other products with vCloud. The goal is to naturally expose all relevant external functionalities as integral parts of the cloud.

  • Andrew Lombardi

    Andrew Lombardi is one of a new breed of businessmen: the enlightened entrepreneur. He is an international speaker and trainer in enterprise technology in the Java space. He has been writing code since he was a 5-year old, sitting at his dad’s knee at their Apple II computer. Having such a deep affinity for the computer model, it is no surprise that at the age of 17 he began to delve deeply into the inner workings of the human mind. He became a student of Neuro Linguistic Programming and other mind technologies, and then went on to study metaphysics. He is certified as an NLP Trainer, Master Hypnotherapist and Time Line Therapy practitioner.

    Using all of his accumulated skills, at the age of 24, Andrew began his consulting business, Mystic Coders, LLC. Since the inception of Mystic in 2000, Andrew has been building the business and studying finance and economics as he stays on the cutting edge of computer technology.

    Andrew lives in Santa Ana, CA with his son.

  • Michael Heinrichs

    Michael Heinrichs has been part of the JavaFX development team right from its early days in 2008. During the early access phase until the release of JavaFX 1.0, he was part of the JavaFX Compiler team. After that he joined the JavaFX Mobile team where he was mainly responsible for performance tuning. In 2010 he became the technical lead for the core components of JavaFX: JavaFX Beans and Properties, the Binding API, the new collections and the Animation API.

  • Lincoln Baxter III

    Lincoln Baxter, III is a Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat, working on JBoss open-source projects; most notably as project lead for JBoss Forge.

    He is a founder of OcpSoft, the author of PrettyFaces and Rewrite, the leading URL-rewriting extensions for Servlet, Java EE, and Java web frameworks; he is also a member of the JavaServer™ Faces Expert Group. When he is not swimming, running, or playing Ultimate Frisbee, Lincoln is focused on promoting open-source software and making web-applications more accessible for small businesses, individuals. His latest project is SocialPM, an open-source, agile project management tool.

  • Arman Gal

    For the last two years Arman Gal has been a software architect at Playtech. He mainly deals with the Poker product, the way to improve and align it with the current industry standards, demands of the market and regulations. Previously Mr. Gal held multiple key positions in a variety of high-tech companies dealing with Forex, Insurance and Gaming software platforms.

  • Nenko Tabakov

    Nenko Tabakov is a Software Engineer at Software AG. He graduated from the Technical University of Sofia with a bachelor degree of Aviation Engineering, but his passion has always been software architecture and good software design principles and patterns. In his experience he has integrated native and non-native applications and frameworks to work together and has taken part in developing a rich media document platform built on top of open source projects.

  • Andrew Lee Rubinger

    Advocate for and speaker on testable enterprise Java development, author of “Enterprise JavaBeans 3.1″ from O’Reilly Media. Member of the JBoss Application Server development team and technical lead of the ShrinkWrap project. Proudly employed by JBoss/Red Hat.

  • Stanojko Markovik

    Stanojko Markovik is currently working as an R&D engineer in the Artemis department, at SudParis TELECOM institute in France, researching and working on new technologies. He has been working with the Android and Blackberry platforms in the past few years for commercial companies, as well as freelancing for a few mayor companies working with mobile technologies. His experience spans from developing android apps for general use, to developing customized builds of the Android OS.

  • Josh Long

    Josh Long is the Spring Developer Advocate for SpringSource where he helps shine a light on interesting applications of the Spring framework. He is the lead author on Apress’ “Spring Recipes, 2nd Edition,” and a committer to Spring projects (like Spring Integration) as well as to the Codehaus Activiti BPMN 2.0 project.

    Josh is also an editor for InfoQ.com, the largest portal for architects and engineers on the web. When he’s not hacking on code, he can be found at the local Java User Group or coffee shop.

    Josh likes solutions that push the boundaries of the technologies that enable them. His interests include event driven architectures, integration, messaging, scalability, batch processing, high-productivity stacks, BPM, grid processing, mobile computing and so-called “smart” systems. He lives in sunny southern California with his wife Richelle.

  • Oleg Zhurakousky

    Oleg is an Sr. Software Engineer with SpringSource/VMWare and has 14+ years of experience in software engineering across multiple disciplines including software architecture and design, consulting, business analysis and application development. He currently focuses on delivering simple but powerful Spring based solutions to the North American market.

    After starting his career in the world of COBOL & CICS, Oleg has been focusing on professional Java and Java EE development since 1999. Since 2004 he has been heavily involved in using several open source technologies and platforms with Spring Framework at the forefront, while working on a number of projects around the world and spanning industries such as Telecommunication, Banking, Law Enforcement, US DOD and others.

    Oleg’s current passions include Event Driven Architecture (EDA), Grid Computing, Test Driven development and Aspect Oriented Programming while his Spring passions are aligned with Spring Integration framework (http://www.springsource.org/spring-integration) where Oleg is a core committer.

    You can regularly spot Oleg on the Spring Forums contributing to a number of topics.

    A resident of the Philadelphia area, Oleg enjoys windsurfing, scuba diving, snowboarding, hockey and traveling when he can find some spare time.

  • Nikolche Mihajlovski

    Nikolche Mihajlovski is a software developer, architect and engineer who always seeks for improvements of the commonly established processes, practices and technologies. He has over 14 years of programming experience in various programming languages, paradigms and technologies, diverging from experimental research and pet projects to serious enterprise applications. His main fields of interest include Programming Languages, Software Engineering and Cloud Computing.

    Nikolche is the author of RDXPL, an experimental multi-paradigm dynamic programming language, and JAnnocessor, a modern tool for annotation-based code generation and validation. He is an active member of the local Java User Group.

  • Ivo Neskovic

    Ivo Neskovic is a Java senior developer and technical architect at 6pm Nearshore, a wholly owned subsidiary of 6pm Ltd., currently working at it’s development hub in Skopje, Macedonia. His main responsibilities include the development of complicated enterprise solutions for the healthcare domain, based on a myriad of technologies such as Java EE and Spring, operating in a heterogeneous environment.

    Ivo holds a BSc in Computer Science and an MSc in Software Engineering and Telecommunications from the University of Sheffield, UK. His main research work is in the area of formal methods, biologically inspired and autonomic computing as well as verification, validation and testing. He is the lead developer and coordinator of the Thessaloníki’s Java User Group and an active member in the Macedonian Java User Group in addition to being part of the Open Source University Meetup initiative. Furthermore, he is a part of the ACM Student Chapter at CITY College Thessaloníki, an International Faculty of the University of Sheffield, where he has acted in the capacity of vice-chairman.

    In the last 4 years, he has given a plethora of technical talks and workshops on various Java related technologies, as well as presenting futuristic Java-based solutions to various conferences and seminars. This journey culminated with Ivo’s appearance as one of the Java Rookies at the Jazoon International Conference on the Modern Art of Software in Zürich, 2011. Ivo is currently focusing all of his development efforts on the implementation of a Java based biologically inspired multi-agent system, performing as a true peer-to-peer distributed system, as well as developing tools for aiding Java developers to leverage the benefits of the research done in formal verification, validation and testing.

  • George Moykin

    As a Senior Consultant in Oracle, George Moykin provides technical consultations and architectural design of middleware solutions.

    George is an Oracle WebLogic Certified Expert.

  • Raya Yunakova

    Raya Yunakova is Academic Developer Evangelist at Microsoft Bulgaria. She has previous experience in the software development field, which is closely linked with Microsoft technologies such as ASP.NET, WPF and MultiPoint among others. She has recently graduated from the University of Leicester, where she undertook her master’s education. Raya has also been involved in several technological competitions, winning the 1st place in Bulgaria’s Software Design category of the Imagine Cup competition and coming in second with her team in the UK edition the following year.

  • Vassil Dichev

    Vassil Dichev has been working as a developer, consultant, development support and trainer. He has worked with J2EE and later on with Spring, Hibernate and XSLT. Vassil has also experimented with Aspect-Oriented Programming and dynamic languages like Ruby and Python.

    During his ongoing search for a more expressive language he found Scala about 4 years ago and found out that it’s also pretty pragmatic. Being a self confessed open-source enthusiast, for the last two years Vassil is contributing as a committer to the Apache ESME project, a Twitter-like server targeted for enterprises and organizations. He’s also a committer to Lift, the Scala-based web framework that ESME is written in.

  • George Reese

    George Reese is the author of several books on cloud computing and enterprise technologies. His most recent book is O’Reilly’s Cloud Application Architectures. Professionally, he is the founder and CTO of enStratus, the only infrastructure management solution supporting enterprise security and governance for the hybrid cloud. George has also led a number of Open Source projects, including several MUD libraries and the mSQL-JDBC JDBC driver. He is the primary maintainer of Dasein Cloud, a cloud abstraction API for Java.

    George holds a BA from Bates College in Maine and an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

  • Werner Keil

    Werner Keil is an Agile Coach, Principal Consultant and Distinct Architect for a Financial Services company. Helping Global 500 Enterprises across all industries, as well as IT vendors like Oracle or IBM. He designed micro-format based tags for a leading online music portal. He has worked for more than 20 years as project manager, SW architect, and consultant for Banking, Insurance, Telco/Mobile, Media and Public sector. Werner develops enterprise systems using Java, JEE, Oracle, IBM or Microsoft, does Web design and development using Adobe, Ajax/JavaScript, other dynamic or functional languages. Besides that, runs and supports open-source projects, writes song lyrics, screenplays, books and articles. Werner is Committer at Eclipse Foundation, UOMo Project Lead and active member of the Java Community Process, including membership in JSRs like 321 (Trusted Java), 331, 333, 342 (Java EE 7), 344, 346 (CDI 1.1) or 348 (JCP.next) and only Individual Member of the Executive Committee (SE/EE)